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HTML for the Beginners – Part 2 : Introduction to HTML Tags

What is HTML Tags:

HTML Tags are the basic building blocks of a webpage. Tags are just some hidden keywords that define how an element of a webpage will be displayed and formatted in the browser. It usually comes in pairs – opening tag and closing tag. HTML tags are not case sensitive , that means you can write in both lowercase and uppercase letters. But the convention is to write in lowercase letters.

How HTML Tags Looks Like:

The basic syntax of a tag is like this : 


->It has opening and closing tag and content in between

->Both opening and closing tags are surrounded by Angel Brackets

->The closing tag is the same as the opening tag but starts with a forward slash.

Self Closing Tags:

There are few tags that do not require the closing tag. These kinds of tags are called self closing tags which looks like this:


In HTML5, the latest version of HTML, it is not mandatory to use forward slash in self closing tag. So you can write just <tagname>

Real Example of Tags:

Here are few examples of tags that are used very frequently.

<p> Paragraph Tag </p>

Used to display paragraphs of text on a webpage.

<h1> Heading Tag </h1>

This is the header tag. Usually used to display titles in a webpage. There are other heading tags available like h2, h3 ,h4, h5, h6

<strong> Bold Tag </strong>

Used to make a text bold.

<i> Italic  </i>

Used to make text italic format

<u> Underline </u>

Used to add underline under text

Example of self closing tags:

<br>, <img> etc.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand the meaning of those specific tags. I will go through each and every tags in my upcoming tutorials.

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