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HTML for the Beginners – Part 1 : How to write code in HTML

Before getting started I assume you are a beginner in Web Development and want to learn how to write code in HTML. 

Don’t know what the definition of HTML is? Don’t worry , you can have a very basic idea about what HTML is from my previous blog.

What you need to get started: 

  1. Personal Computer: A personal computer with any operating system – Mac, Linux, Windows  
  1. Web Browser: Any modern browser like Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Safari
  1. Editor: For example : Sublime Text, Notepad++, Visual Studio Code etc. You can use your favorite one.

Environment Setup:

Setting up an environment for writing HTML code is not very difficult. Actually it is very easy. We just need two things : One is a Web Browser which you already have because you are reading this writing in one of the Web Browsers.  

The second thing that you need is a good Code Editor. There are lots of options available, you can choose any one you like. In this tutorial I am going to use Notepad++. You can download it from here. After you download it the installing process is very simple and straightforward. Once you install it we are good to go.

Let’s Start Coding:

I will show you how to write your first HTML code in this section step by step.

Step 1 Opening The Editor:

Open the notepad++ program from your PC and create a new document where you can write the code.

Step 2 Writing actual HTML:

Copy or write the following HTML code in the new file that you created in notepad++. 

<!DOCTYPE html>
<h1>Hello World</h1>

Here is a screenshot of how it should look:

html code in notepad++

Step 3: Saving the HTML page

Now it is time to save what you have done.You can save it anywhere in your PC. Just click on File->Save As and name it anything you like , but of course with an extension of .html or .htm

saving html file in notepad++

Step 4:Opening it in Browser

After saving the file successfully on your PC, you can see it in your favorite browsers. Just double click on the file that you saved and you should see something like this.

displaying html page in browser

If you see this then you have created your first webpage. Congratulations! Don’t worry about how it looks. I will show you how to create a fully functional and good looking webpage in one of my upcoming blogs. So stay tuned. Please let me know about your thoughts in the comment. I will get back with the next part.

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